Healthy Churches Thrive! A spiritual adventure in movement and mission.

It’s not a program.

Transformational change is a spiritual process. It is not a program that can be taught. Spiritual growth, awakening, and revival are caught! 

With Healthy Churches Thrive! you can expect:

  • Increased quality of spiritual life
  • Effective outreach to your community
  • Mobilization of the whole church in mission
  • Coaching for the pastors/key leaders/staff
  • Biblical worldviews teaching for mission and ministry
  • Development of a stewardship culture
  • Leadership development through Vision Communities
  • Development of a Vision Council for prayer, encouragement, and support
  • Measurable metrics to track and chart progress

Healthy Churches Thrive! is not about reading the latest book or attending the latest conference and applying what worked “there,” “here.”

True transformation, discipleship, and leadership development is a multi-dimensional process that takes place with people learning and growing together within their own context and culture. We treat each church as uniquely distinctive, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach. 

The Healthy Churches Thrive! approach is built around Jesus’ “affirm and build” approach in John 5:19: focusing on what God is blessing. Our work with your church is based on research and development, as a passion that leads to always being in the middle of what God is doing.

It’s about knowing who you are in Christ, not just what you do, that will have a greater impact on the Kingdom! Get the complete guide to Healthy Churches Thrive! to learn more!